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Thank you for visiting my home on the Web.

On this site, I pull together some of the most often requested writings, and also share works in progress.

My articles and books are mostly about architecture, home design, or travel. You might say that my fiction and poetry also explore these topics. One way or another, I’m always searching for environments that speak to the spirit.

Please do join me in that quest. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, check my official bio for additional resources. And, of course, feel free to email me your questions, thoughts, and ideas.


I Heard a River Downstairs

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Asheville Poetry Review Issue 23, Cover Art by Vadim Bora

Asheville Poetry Review Issue 23, Cover Art by Vadim Bora

Kudos to Asheville Poetry Review for a knockout issue 23. Included are…

… and moi!

The journal also includes translated works by the renown Spanish poet Federico García Lorca, Italian poet Margherita Guidacci, and so much more.

Find Asheville Poetry Review in bookstores, or order it online. Check out my poem I Heard a River Downstairs on page 129.