You have to admire designer rooms
with sunlight splashed on travertine.
Turn the page, a scent of April
billows from the fold.

Looking closer, you wonder
who will fill the Chippendale chairs,
drink from fluted glasses,
eat the peaches in the silver bowl.

Across the mahogany table
and through French doors,
a plump white ottoman nestles
between two sateen divans.

Facing seats wait with open arms.
Tufted cushions seem to hold their breath.
You press a damp finger
to the photograph.

Beyond the Palladian window,
nothing but daffodils,
an improbable sky, a smudge
from your inky hand.

Stone Canoe Journal

Stone Canoe Journal Number 9, 2015. Cover photo by Rebecca Soderholm, “Swimmers, Hudson River, Lake Luzerne, New York,” 2011


©2015 Jackie Craven
from Stone Canoe,
A Journal of Arts, Literature
and Social Commentary,
Number 9

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