The Stress-Free Home

Beautiful Interiors for Serenity and Harmonious Living
Rockport Publishers
The Stress-Free Home by Jackie CravenThe Stress-Free Home by Jackie CravenHome improvement means much more than fixing faucets and adding decks. When we speak of improving the home, we are describing a feeling as much as a look. The Stress-Free Home explores the ways the changes we make to our homes can help—or hinder—our emotional and spiritual well-being.

Through lush, full-color photos and lively narrative, The Stress-Free Home demonstrates how to create serenity zones throughout the home: living rooms that help you unwind, playrooms that bring out the kid in you, master baths that pamper body and soul, and safe spaces that provide physical and emotional nurturing. Each chapter offers serenity-building exercises and sidebars packed with tips that will help you reduce the annoyances of daily life and transform your home into an oasis for yourself and your family.

Hardcover, 160 pages, 80 full-color photos, buyer’s guide

The Stress-Free Home: Beautiful Interiors for Serenity and Harmonious Living

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