Nimrod’s Winning Poets

Nimrod International Journal 2016

It’s always a thrill to be included in Nimrod, and I’m delighted to be a Poetry Finalist in this year’s competition. My entries,Maroger’s Magic, Old Woman with Goose, and other poems, are in great company!

Nimrod Literary Awards: The Pablo Neruda Prize in Poetry, 2016

FIRST PRIZE: Markham Johnson, OK, “Greenwood Burning, 1921”
SECOND PRIZE: Bryce Emley, NC, “Thesis/Antithesis” and other poems
Finalists Poetry 2016
Michele Battiste, CO, “Weather Report from Ruination” and other poems
Michelle Bitting, CA, “Stripped, Genesis” and other poems
Carolann Madden, TX, “New Now” and other poems
Susan Cohen, CA, “Love in a Year of El Nino” and other poems
Jackie Craven, NY, “Maroger’s Magic” and other poems
Don Judson, MA, “(untitled)” and other poems
Kimberly Kent, WA, “You Will Not Win the Jackpot” and other poems
Jennifer Met, ID, “Mine Life Is Ours” and other poems
Clare Paniccia, OK, “Epistle from Eve to Adam” and other poems
Samuel Piccone, IO, “Father/Son” and other poems
Emily Van Kley, WA, “Span” and other poems
Sarah Wetzel, NY, “Ruined in Rome” and other poems

Semi-Finalists Poetry 2016
Allison Adair, MA, “The Big Thinkers”
Nathalie Anderson, PA, “Rapture”
Laura Beasley, GA, “A Modern Woman Faints”
Mary Block, NY, “After It Rained”
Erik Campbell, NE, “Faith for My Father circa 1980”
Pamela Davis, CA, “Still/Life”
Corrinne Hales, CA, “Fall”
Arielle Hebert, NC, “Verstandnis”
George Looney, PA, “Sound Thinking Is To Listen . . .”
Megan Merchant, AZ, “Paper Mother”
Angela Patten, VT, “The Singel Bridge at the Paleisstraat in Amsterdam, 1896”
Charlotte Pence, IL, “DNA’s Main Role Is the the Long Term Storage of Information” and other poems
Mary Pinard, MA, “Widow with Extra Doors”
Mira Rosenthal, AL, “Ancient History”
Mary Rummel, MN, “Cipher Garden”
Teresa Scollon, MI, “Cabbages”
Crystal Simone Smith, NC, “Uncloudy Day”
Shelley Stenhouse, NY, “I Am Your History”
Jeanne Wagner, CA, “Demeter Revised”
John Walser, WI, “Art Tatum Plays at Ray Heindorf’s House . . .”
Cynthia White, CA, “Higher Power”
Josephine Yu, FL, “Miscarriage Praise Song”

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