Hey! I’m a Contender!

Pushcart Prize Anthologies

I was thrilled to have Salamander magazine accept one of my poems for an upcoming issue. But to have the editors nominate my poem to Pushcart Press? Wow!

Every year, small press editors submit their favorite poems, stories, and non-fiction pieces to Pushcart. From these submissions, the Press selects a few to publish in their Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses anthology. Launched in 1976, the Pushcart Prize has become a gold standard for literary writers. Publishers Weekly calls the series one of the “most influential projects in the history of American publishing.”

Many months will pass before we know whether my poem makes it into the Pushcart Prize anthology (most nominees do not). Meanwhile, I’ll toot my horn — After all, being nominated is a prize in itself.

Should writers celebrate their Pushcart Nominations?  The question has stirred controversy in literary circles. Here’s what one writer says: An Open Letter to Pushcart Nominees

2 thoughts on “Hey! I’m a Contender!

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    You rock those words, Jackie. What an honor indeed. Many excited and happy congratulations, especially as I know how hard you work at it.

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    Thank you, Donna! Bragging about being a nominEE might seem a bit pathetic, but what the heck!

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