What Is Salamander?

A literary amphibian / writing that slips from the shadows / magical, shape-shifting poetry and prose…
Salamander Magazine #41Issue #41 of the gorgeous Salamander magazine includes poems by Martha Collins, Chard deNiord, Gail Mazur, Charles D. Coe, Carrie Bennett, Wendy Mnookin, Linda Stern Zisquit, Jessica Greenbaum, Wyn Cooper, Jehanne Dubrow, Alamgir Hashmi, Christopher Nelson, David Wagoner, Barbara Helfgott Hyett, Yun Wang, Joyce Wilson, Mariya Deykute… and moi!

Founded in 1992 by Jennifer Barber, Salamander is based at Suffolk University in Boston. Order a print copy or a digital download here: Salamander Issue 41 >>

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