INDEX: Poems & Short Prose


  • “If My Dentist Could Probe Deep Enough,” DMQ Review, April 2024. Read online
  • “Beyond Repair,” Rust & Moth, February 2024, Read online
  • “At the Border, ___ to Declare” forthcoming in Stone Canoe
  • “Social Security Asks Whether I’ve Ever Been Married,” Alaska Quarterly Review, Winter/Spring 2024
  • “The River Falls for the Moon” forthcoming in New York Quarterly, April 2024


  • “Blue Yarn” in The Cincinnati Review miCRo series. Read online
  • “A Miracle for Breakfast: Reading Elizabeth Bishop on Serifos” (essay) in Off Assignment, October 2023. Read online
  • “Climate Change”  in tiny wren. Read online
  • “Window Treatment” in Atticus Review, August 15, 2023. Read online
  • “Memory” in Poet Lore, winter/spring 2023
  • “Prayer for Rooms We’re Forbidden to Enter” in SWWIM, March 31,2023. Read online
  • “Surveillance Video Shows Suitcases Resisting Arrest” in Pleiades special folio, “Silences of War: Erasure Within Conflict,” Spring 2023
  • “Morning Unmoors Us” in Beloit Poetry Journal
  • “Half Past 11:00” in Cola Literary Review, February 2023. Read online


  • “Yesterday We Will Stay at the Inn We Almost Remembered” in Fatal Flaw, November 2021. Read online
  • “Minutes Have Souls” in 50 Give or Take, Vine Leaves Press, 2021 #338. Order from Amazon
  • “Two Rooms Sit Back to Back and Pretend to be Content” (reprint) in 50-Word Stories, July 2021. Read online
  • “Cursing Lessons” in New Ohio Review, June 2021. Read online
  • “Whish” in Ploughshares, Winter 2020-21.  Read online
  • “Captiva Island” in River Styx, 3rd place in the International Poetry Contest
  • “Travel Advisory” and “Cyborg Sister” (reprint) in Speculative North magazine. Order from Amazon
  • “BuzzFuse Lists the World’s Most Extraordinary Women” and “No One Notices Bubbles Behind the Wallpaper at a Wedding Reception” in South Florida Poetry Journal (SoFloPoJo), February 2021


  • “I Renounce My Life as a Philodendron” in Salamander issue 49, Fall/Winter 2019-2020
  • “Dysgeographica” in Chautauqua, summer 2020
  • “The Secret Lives of Socks” in SWWIM, November 27, 2020. Read online
  • “Under a Calder Mobile, August 1959” in AGNI 91. Read online
  • “Auto Corrected” in Cleaver 29. Read online
  • “Cyborg Sister” and “The Mystery at the Moss-Covered Mansion” in Pleiades 40.1


  • “First a Throb of Wings” in Poet Lore, Fall/Winter 2019
  • “Postcards I Wish I’d Sent Lisbeth When We Were Girls And Her Parents Sent Her Away” (reprint) in What We Talk about When We Talk About It: Variations on the Theme of Love, Vol. 2., an anthology from Darkhouse Books. Order from Amazon.
  • “7-Eleven Blues” in What We Talk about When We Talk About It: Variations on the Theme of Love, Vol. 1., an anthology from Darkhouse Books. Order from Amazon
  • “The Temperature Reaches 102” in A Constellation of Kisses, an anthology from Terrapin Books. Order from Amazon.
  • “Televisions in Hospital Waiting Rooms” (read online) and “The Lupus Society Wants to Know if I Have Old Clothes for Their Collection” in Stone Canoe Journal,  February 2019
  • “In Which I Try to Leave My Husband, But Can’t Find the Words” in The Massachusetts Review, spring 2019. Read online


  • “Under Anesthesia, I Remember a Watermelon with Slippery Seeds” in Rogue Agent, October 2018. Read online
  • “Biology 101” in Poets Reading the News, October 2018. Read online
  • “Thirst” in Last Call: The Anthology of Beer, Wine & Spirits Poetry from World Enough Writers, an imprint of Concrete Wolf, Summer 2018. Order from Amazon
  • “Many Happy Returns” in Red Eft Review, April 17, 2018.  Read online
  • “Woozy in the Pool at Mar-a-Lago at 7:00 A.M.” in Poets Reading The News, April 3, 2018. Read online


  • “Obloquy to an Olive” and “Waiting for 5:00 at Bailey’s Pub and Grill” in Of Burgers & Barrooms, an anthology from Main Street Rag, Fall 2017
  • “Imposter” in Spillway, Summer 2017. Read online
  • “Darwin’s Daughter” in At Sea (Women’s Studies Quarterly), Spring/Summer 2017. Read online. Order from Amazon
  • “My House Is Menstruating” and “Boys Infest Our Building” in Columbia Poetry Review, Spring 2017
  • “Postcards I Wish I’d Sent Lisbeth When We Were Girls and Her Parents Sent Her Away,” reprint in Ice Cream Poems, a World Enough Writers anthology from Concrete Wolf, Summer 2017. Order from Amazon
  • “White Lightning” in r.kv.r.y., April 2017. Read online
  • “Where are the teeth I slipped under my pillow?” in the LOST & FOUND Poetry & Prose Series from Silver Birch Press, March 2017. Read online
  • “The circus has a new address,” “To Hell with Hopkins,” and a mock circus ad in Heavy Feather Review (#NotMyPresident series), February 2017. Read online
  • “What Alien Astronauts Fear” in River Styx, Issue 97, January 2017.  Contest Honorable Mention






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