Paintings by Louise Craven Hourrigan

Before there were words, there were pictures. Louise Craven Hourrigan, explored a range of styles, from abstract expressionist to surrealism and magic realism. Her paintings inspired many of the poems and stories by her daughter, Jackie Craven.

  • Candelabra
    Tree of Life Candelabra, oil on canvas, © Louise Craven Hourrigan Inspired by Frida Kahlo, my mother painted this surreal tree of life candelabra. The branches resemble intestines decorated with miniature figures from her past — grandparents, parents, lovers, children, pets.... Read more »
  • Perspective Dreaming
    Oil on canvas by Louise Craven Hourrigan This painting by my mother, Louise Craven Hourrigan, inspired my poem “Perspective Dreaming.” Originally published in the Fall 2014 issue of Water~Stone Review, the poem will be included in my book, Secret Formulas &... Read more »
  • Lobster for Lunch
    “Lobster for Lunch,” oil on canvas, © Louise Craven Hourrigan I’ve spent years trying to read the stories behind this scene my mother painted. An older couple sits before a lavish feast. Their posture is stiff—unnaturally posed and primitively painted—with hands... Read more »
  • Still Life With Oranges
    Oil on Canvas by Louise Craven Hourrigan This painting by my mother, Louise Craven Hourrigan, loosely inspired one of the poems in my forthcoming book, Secret Formulas & Techniques of the Masters (Brick Road Poetry Press, 2018). The poem, “Still Life... Read more »
  • Flight
    Painting by Louise Craven Hourrigan, Oil on Canvas As a child, I didn’t know what to make of my mother’s wild brush strokes. She didn’t title this painting, so the subject is a mystery. Still, I loved to stare into the... Read more »
  • Carnival
    My mother painted this bright yet foreboding carnival scene many years ago. It hung in my childhood bedroom and I could imagine eerie calliope tunes as I drifted asleep. One of the poems in my collection Secret Formulas & Techniques... Read more »
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