Old Woman with Goose, Reimagined

Old Woman with Goose

My mother painted this before I was born, and for many years it hung in my bedroom, giving me nightmares. To exorcise my demons, I wrote a poem in which I imagined my mother painting the scary image while pregnant. The poem is a hyperbolic flight of imagination, and terribly unfair to my mother. She was not an evil witch! But in writing this, I also imagined myself as the frustrated bitter artist… which makes ME the evil witch.
The poem “Old Woman with Goose was a finalist for the 2016 Pablo Neruda Prize at Nimrod International Journal. A revised version appears in my collection, Secret Formulas & Techniques of the Masters, now available from Brick Road Poetry Press and other book sellers. Find info here: Secret Formulas & Techniques of the Masters. 
Image @ Louise Craven Hourrigan

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