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The Healthy Home by Jackie Craven

The Healthy Home

Beautiful Interiors That Enhance The Environment and Your Well-Being” ~ Through lavish photos and helpful sidebars, this Jackie Craven’s book on interior design shows how to create a nurturing environoment.

The Stress-Free Home

Beautiful Interiors for Serenity and Harmonious Living.” In this beautifully illustrated book Jackie describes how to transform your home into an oasis for body, mind, and spirit.
The Stress-Free Home by Jackie Craven

Roofs with windows

American House Styles

Featured articles about residential architecture at

All About Architecture

From the pages of ThoughtCo, articles about great buildings and structures, from New York skyscrapers to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.
Jackie Craven at Fallingwater

I and the Village, Painting by Chagall

Visual Arts

What is ekphrasis? What is surrealism? What is trompe l’oeil? Thinking and writing about the visual arts.

The Fix

Squeaky floors? Leaky roof? Hungry mosquitoes? Jackie’s monthly Q&A column at House & Garden magazine tackled these and other household dilemmas.Not available online.
House & Garden Magazine

Victorian House in Upstate New York

Architecture Coach

From Palladio to Bungalows, writings about home styles for REALTOR® Magazine

Journey of a Remodeled House

How and why I stripped the vinyl siding from my Victorian house…
Restored Victorian Cottage



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